Party Planning 101 – Have fun with your party this year!

Party Tray

Party Tray

Let’s have a look at a few ideas and tips to make your party the event you would want to attend.

Your guests would love to enjoy your company – a relaxed host/hostess = happy guests.

  • What’s your meal plan? There are so many different types of holiday themes to choose from – just finding the one that suits your life style can be an adventure yet to be found.  A trip to your local farmer’s market will show you what is new and what has lasted the test of time.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a taste test or advice. Make notes – or carry a mini tape recorder. Remember, have fun with this excursion – don’t do anything else on your fact-finding day – just enjoy the experience.  Combine comfort food with the WOW factor.  Not sure of what to do for a WOW?  Purchase one your first time out – bakery – caterer – specialty food store – use your decorations and china to make it your own.
  • How Long will this take? Do you have enough time with all your other holiday obligations to pull this off in time for your party? Try to choose some food items that can be made well in advance and simply re-heated on the big day.  Draw up a food prep/shopping time line schedule the week before your event – make sure to include time for yourself – and stick to it.  Play happy/relaxed music while working in the kitchen. Ask your family/friends for help – there is no law that says you must do this on your own.  Your children would be happy to help, if asked – or simply post a notice – GENIUS AT WORK – QUIET PLEASE
  • Making a List and checking it twice. Shopping lists can make you or break you.  Spending time on your list will save you time, last minute panic shopping, etc. etc. Carry it with you at all times – save a copy for your next party. The list can be separated into as many categories as you want.  For example, dry goods – napkins, linens and so on.  Canned or packaged products.  Fresh foods to be bought a day or two before the party.  Fresh flowers or garlands.  Don’t forget! Cross off each item as purchased – feels good doesn’t it?
  • Relax and Enjoy Mum’s the word.  No show and tell required of what you forgot or what didn’t get pulled off as planned.  No one will know the difference.  Keep it light – keep it fun. (for you too)
  • Oh No!! Washing Up!  Not a problem. Rent everything you need and leave the washing up to ASAP Tent and Party Rentals.  You can rent china, cutlery, glasses and linens.  But…here’s the best part of all – don’t wash pots and pans – rent chafing dishes.  These little beauties have two sizes of inserts one large or two small – keeps your food warm without the bother of pots and pans.  Chafing dishes are also made to hold aluminium foil pans – so if your food came from a caterer – in to the chafing dish they go – no fuss no muss.  Also great for those dishes you made ahead. You see chafers are not only for buffets they can be used anywhere – especially in your kitchen.  Ta Da!

Make a copy of these ideas and keep them with you to read while waiting in line – or when you need a reminder to relax and enjoy yourself.  Pass this along to friends and family to make their lives stress free also.

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