Terms and Conditions at ASAP Tent and Party Rentals

Terms and Conditions Governing Party Rentals

  1. Minimum Order for local delivery is $ 125.00 + delivery charge.
  2. Delivery is to a mutually agreeable location at ground level with truck access. Other locations subject to a surcharge.
  3. Price shown is for one day with delivery the day before and pick-up the day following. Additional days can be arranged at an additional price.
  4. Deposit A deposit of 33% of total order will be made at the time of agreement. Balance due and payable by cash, Visa, American Express or certified cheque 1 week prior to delivery. The deposit and final payment is not refundable.
  5. Party goods upon delivery, our personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient location.
  6. Prior to pick up, please scrape or rinse all dishes and re-pack them in their original shipping containers. All items should be re-stacked. Tables and chairs folded and ready for pick up.
  7. Set up and knockdown is available at a reasonable cost if arranged in advance.
  8. Our rental charge is for time out, NOT for time used. For sanitary reasons, all items returned from an order, whether still wrapped or not, must be washed by us.
  9. Responsibility for all equipment remains with the lessor from the time of delivery to the time of return. Please ensure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather.
  10. Broken or missing items are charged at replacement cost PLUS a 10% handling fee. VISA, Mastercard or American Express required as security against loss, damage or breakage on ALL party goods orders.

Terms and Conditions Governing Tents

  1. Deposit A deposit of 33% of total order will be made at the time of agreement. Balance due and payable by cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, bank transfer or certified cheque one week prior to time of installation. The deposit and final payment is not refundable.
  2. Permits The renter agrees to obtain any necessary permits (municipal or otherwise) and deliver same to ASAP before the erection of the equipment.
  3. Site The renter agrees to clear the site upon which the equipment is to be erected of all structures and other impediments. ASAP shall not be responsible for filling any holes left by it in the ground or any paved portion of the site, nor for damage to trees, flowers, or shrubs adjacent to the lands resulting from the erection of the equipment. If the terrain is not suitable to securely hold the type of stakes normally used for guying tents, an additional charge will be made for special posts or other equipment as required.
  4. Storm conditions at the time of erection If in the opinion of ASAP, the weather conditions on the date of erection of the tent(s) are such that there is a clear risk to the installers or the equipment during the erection procedure, the renter shall elect between postponing the erection to the following day or canceling the agreement.
  5. Underground Services Prior to the commencement of erection, the renter shall clearly identify on the ground for ASAP the location of all underground pipes, wires, or other utility equipment on the lands and in the event of default in this connection, the renter shall be responsible for all damages to the said utilities caused by stakes or other equipment.
  6. Damage to the equipment The renter shall be responsible to ASAP for all damage, including but not limited to disappearance, soiling, or staining of all or any part of the equipment. In the event of damage to the equipment through whatever cause, the renter agrees to contact ASAP within 12 hours.
  7. Vandalism The renter shall take necessary precautions to prevent the loss of or damage to the equipment by vandalism, defacement, theft, arson, or other unlawful behavior, and in the event of default of this connection, the renter shall be responsible to make good all such damage or loss.
  8. Equipment failure If there is any failure in the equipment, whether in the form of total collapse or other damage, so that the equipment cannot be fully and safely used, and if the said failure is caused by winds in excess of 30 kilometers per hour or by lightning, hail sleet, snow, or freezing rain, ASAP shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the renter arising from such failure, or if any claim is made against ASAP by a third party for loss or damage arising from such failure, the renter shall indemnify and save harmless ASAP from any such claim, and the renter shall remain liable to ASAP for all rental charges pro-rated up to the time of such failure, and if the renter wishes ASAP to re-erect the tent for the balance of the rental term, ASAP do so provided the renter pays for the cost of such additional erection work and provided ASAP has substitute equipment available.
  9. Legal costs In the event it is necessary for ASAP to employ a lawyer to recover the equipment or collect the rental or any damages properly payable by the renter, the renter shall reimburse ASAP for all legal costs.
  10. Stalls The renter agrees that no stalls or display booths or other structures shall be constructed under the tent within a distance of 12″ or (30 cm.) from the roof of the tent.