Event and Party Decor Experts not just Rentals

Event and Party Decor Red Settee

Event and Party Decor Red Settee

I was having a chat this morning with Isacc, my event decor consultant. The long and short of the conversation was simple. Too many clients feel that “Event Designers” are all talk and no substance. Well, they are right. Somebody puts on a party or event and suddenly they think they are experts. If they finally get themselves a real client they become even worse demanding big fees for little content.

ASAP Tent and Party Rentals has been involved or supplied or fully planned several thousand events of a vast array ideas. All on time and all to a high degree of professionalism.

If you need to rent a single column, a couple of sections of staging or have us consult and design even a highly complex decor arrangement we have the experience and the background few other companies can provide. In fact we are the company other companies go to.

If you are looking for that odd piece or a complete major job we should be your last call.

  • Wedding Decor
  • Centrepieces
  • Lighting
  • Church and Home Floral
  • Columns
  • Palm Trees
  • Silk Trees
  • Elegant Decor
  • Looks Extravagant but Cost Effective


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Brian has been involved in event planning for more than 40 years.
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