20 X 40 Elite Party Tent Rental

20 X 40 Elite Tent RentalThis newest party tent rental addition to the photo gallery shows an Eureka Elite 20 X 40 tent. We call a party tent like this “dressed ASAP Style”. This is the Absolute best there is.

This photo is an excellent example of a very low cost method of tent decoration.

Of course the tent draping is done the ASAP Tent and Party Rental way. ASAP has developed a method of doing draping that looks and feels spectacular. Not only does the draping look good, it will look great even after someone accidentally turns on the lawn sprinklers.

The tent lighting is also proprietary to ASAP Tent and Party Rentals. As dusk falls, turn up the lights with the installed dimmer and hear the surprise from your guests. We call this the deluxe TDL lighting package. The acronym stands for track and dimmer lighting. This simple system is impressive, functional and simply reliable. ASAP Tent and Party Rentals has installed this system thousands of times. The worst failures have been someone unplugging the lights. ASAP charges the same price for this spectacular lighting package that some tent rental companies charge to install a cheap work light they purchased from Canadian Tire.

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