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PHOTO: Eaton Hall ...elite rental tent...

Do you want an outdoor wedding or tent event but don't have the space? ASAP Tent and Party Rentals has locations that dreams are made of. On-site catering, guest rooms, conference centre and more. The wedding ceremony can be conducted at the colonade down by the lake, by the steam or at the gazebo. After the ceremony the guests may wander the grounds enjoying the gardens, lake, forest and pools. Dinner in the tent is an awesome experience. These facilities are located just a few minutes north of Toronto. The features go on and on. For guests there is a five star hotel facility hidden right here in King.

PHOTO: Eureka Elite Tent ..supplied by ASAP Tent and Party Rentals The best feature of these locations are saved for last. These locations can be had for exclusive use. No more sharing a stuffy banquet hall with four other events. Dream weddings don't just happen in the movies. ASAP Tent and Party Rentals can make it happen. At Seldom Seen live the lifestyle of a famous Canadian cabinet minister or at Eaton Hall live the lifestyle of the Eaton family for 24 hours. Weekdays are at regular rates. On the weekends there is a surcharge for exclusive use.

Our Featured Location is "Seldom Seen"

Once the summer home of a famous Canadian cabinet minister, "Seldom Seen" is a unique property. The house is just the way it was left, packed with treasures, unique antiques and memorobilia from his political career.

Other Outdoor Wedding and Event Locations

Other locations are available around Toronto. To avoid disappointment, bookings should be done early. Eaton Hall is booked thru the summer and fall of 2004. Some locations sell out more than a year in advance. Seldom Seen and The Kingbridge Center are available for some weekends in 2010 and 2011. Tent rentals should be booked as far in advance as possible. Start by filling out our event planning request form.

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