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How to have a successful speech, presentation or press conference

PHOTO by Brian Ridgway...

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Planning starts with calling ASAP Rental. We have experience with some of the issues that can arise. We also have some of the necessary equipment that might be needed. We can be reached by phone or you can fill out an event planning request. We will be glad to help in any way we can.

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PHOTO by Brian Ridgway...

The Presenter Must Be Heard

The lectern which Al Palladini is standing at is completely self contained. Everything is built in. It is made in 2 units. The top can be removed and set on a table. The speakers, microphone and even a light are in the top unit. There are input jacks for additional equipment such as microphones, wireless microphones and audio. There are outputs for additional satellite speakers. The bottom unit has additional speakers. If 110v power is not available, this unit can be powered by 2 lantern batteries. Another lectern can be had with outputs to supply the media with an audio feed.

The Presenter Must Be Seen

ASAP can supply risers and staging to help the speaker be seen above the crowd. Risers are 4' X 8' and can be assembled in different configurations.
The same risers can be used for head tables in a wedding tent.

Present at the pouring of the cornerstone left to right George Denier Chairman of the Board of Trustees, York Central Hospital, The Honourable Cameron Jackson, The Honourable Elizabeth Witmer and The Honourable Al Palladini. All of the photos on this page were taken November 5, 1998 at the ceremonial pouring of the cornerstone for the new York Central Hospital addition in Richmond Hill. PHOTO by Brian Ridgway...

PHOTO by Brian Ridgway... It was a chilly day with the temperature hovering around zero. The legislature sat late delaying the ceremony. The tent was heated and the 200 people in attendance were comfortable while waiting. Signing the cornerstone left to right is The Honourable Frank Klees, Vaughan Councillor Joyce Frustaglio and The Honourable Al Palladini.

All the equipment can be ordered or reserved right now in our 24 hour Online Rental Store. Budgeting can be done using the subtotaling available on each page.

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