ASAP Tent & Party Rentals Toronto Vaughan Richmond Hill

OK Howcome Other Event & Party Rentals Copy ASAP Rental?

This setup was for the Blackburn Wedding We ar5e doing a liithe field testing

These used tents sold to Urban Behavior by ASAP Tent and Party Rentals have clean elegant design. Look for the good twents on Orfus Road. ASAP did them.

ASAP Tent and Party Rentals Style and you can tell the difference.

This is a fully assembled 16 X 16 stage with 2 stair unit and railings. StageRight DoneRight

We have stuff the other guys only dream of. Event and Party Decor Red Settee

The star of the show is ASAP Tent and Party Rentals Ghost Acrylic Podium

Realtime field testing a heat source in the dugout just before the playoff game.

ASAP pioneered this now all the better party rentals in Toronto and te GTA have copied us.

The Sun Shines on Our Truck The heat is on for the Ultimate Fighting Championship

So all the other tent, event and party rentals copy ASAP Tent and party Rentals.

Here are just a few photos that are reasons why we are copied.

  1. Our chair covers fit.
  2. A trip down Orfus Road is quite telling. The good looking tents were sold as used tents by us. We regularly replace our inventory with new tents. As can clearly be seen our old used tents still look good. The crappy ones came from one of our competitors that shall remain nameless but their initials are advanced.
  3. Fairmont style or ASAP style. You can be the judge.
  4. We get a lot of calls for staging. We can do it right. We use StageRight. Ask the other companies if they can provide railings.
  5. We offer extensive decor. In the past few years a large number of companies have sprung up to offer “event design” We are the guys they rent their stuff from.
  6. We have another first in the GTA. The “Ghost Lectern” shown with Paul Colandra standing at it will be copied by all the other party rentals within a few years. PS We rent it for the lowest price in North America.
  7. For years we have been renting patio heaters. In the photo we are testing a forced air furnace in the dugout at BMO Field. We also can offer experienced information on keeping entertainers and mucians warm during performances.
  8. Many years ago ASAP  brought black spandex cruiser table covers to Toronto. Most of the other party rentals have copied us. They are still so far behind that they have not even noticed we can supply the in white or any other colour.