Is It a Lectern? a PA? a Podium? No It’s a Lecternette!

HowTo video for the Lecternette, a completely self contained portable, battery operated lectern aka podium for a  pa public address system on the go.

The Soundcraft L46B and L56 portable lecterns are great for on the go people. Watch the video for instructions.

After uploading the ASAP Tent and Party Rentals video to YouTube this great video of a vintage Lecternette showed up in the search results. It shows the operation, modification and use by a street performer, Brian Souders. It is also a testament to the longevity and durability of the Soundcraft Lecternette products.

Is It a Lectern? a PA? a Podium? No Its a Lectern

The Sound-Craft Systems Professional Lecternettes are complete, portable public address systems complete with microphone, amplifier and built-in speakers.

This model is the L56C and features a single channel 22 watt amplifier, four 4-inch built-in speakers, microphone and reading lamp. The L56C features one lectern microphone input, two auxiliary microphone inputs with independent volume control, and one combination auxiliary input and output for tape recorders, CD players, etc. Tone controls, on/off switch and battery condition meter complete the controls and switches provided.

The L56C is a professional, portable public address system with the power to reach an audience of up to 1,000.

Bass and Treble controls provide tone adjustment.
Built-In reading lamp makes it ideal for lectures, house-of-worship application and more.
Internal 22-watt amplifier with built-in speakers
Input and output for tape recorders, CD players, etc.
Battery status meter is provided.
Two extra microphone inputs with independent volume control.
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